We are Diensten

We empower businesses to achieve their business goals by fully leveraging technology, while providing an unparalleled, personalized client and employee experience.

Our founders recognized that the business world was changing, but many traditional IT organizations were unprepared for these changes. They saw an opportunity to create a new kind of organization that would position them for success in this new era.

Diensten Tech Ltd (DTL) is an IT Service Organization, having focus on Professional Services, Corporate Training including eLearning Digital Content Solutions and Managed Services to provide business benefits to their customers and prospects in the shortest possible time with high quality delivery solutions at competitive rates.

We are a next-generation IT consultancy service provider that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. We provide end-to-end professional solutions to make large companies and organizations more competitive by combining in-depth knowledge of a wide range of business sectors and innovative technologies with a fully collaborative approach. We are a lifelong learning partner for enterprises, helping them build skills in emerging technologies at scale.

Our Corporate Training division helps build innovative learning modules for organizations in the workplace by structuring a smarter workforce, supporting changes and driving growth.

Our Company with an expert panel reaches out to a wide range of IT support and consultancy services related to IT Skilled Staffing Solutions, IT Training, Development and Capacity Building.

Our trained employee base whom we hire, train and deploy on our client sites based on type of agreements with them we have a strong national presence.

We provide a value-driven approach with a unique blend of highly-skilled specialists, software engineering expertise, and flexible engagement models. We deliver an unparalleled personalized client experience resulting in a long-lasting trusted partnership—a valid extension of your IT organization.

Our customers include Fortune 500 companies like

who have realized significant cost savings by using our services--costs that would have been spent on new employees or more equipment had they not chosen to turn to us first!

DTL leadership has spent months researching companies that were already in existence and decided that they didn't want to build another company like them—rather to start something different entirely: One that would be unique and impactful.These visionaries wanted to focus on providing businesses with IT staffing services and training, but also knew they would need more than just technical expertise when it came time to implement those solutions. They needed guidance on how best to use technology and create an environment where employees could thrive as well as customers could benefit from using their products or services.

What makes Global IT Services Different?

Looking to take your IT Consulting needs to a different level to problem solve IT processes. Struggling to get your digital transformation processes in order? We are here to help with end-to-end solutions covering all IT dimensions

  • We assess the existing business processes to understand where you are in the digital mapping phase.
  • Next, we find the gaps and brainstorm with you to develop the best IT strategies.
  • Your business process designs matter! We focus on building robust and scalable solutions to foster all-around growth and automation.
  • We extend our IT capabilities, years of experience, and across the team competencies for high end data-driven decision making.
  • Our IT consultants, strategists, and analysts use all possible data sources to pave the way for insightful result-oriented actions.
  • We understand the importance of aligning your existing processes and architecture with new data-driven decisions. Therefore, we drive in changes and manage them too!

Global IT Services - We are far removed from the rest. And we strive to be your partners in every digital transformation journey.